1、 Nancy附录二 十大话题教育类(education)pulsory education 义务教育 2. vocational education 职业教育3. academic performance 学业表现4. non-academic affairs 与学习无关的事情5. puppy/ calf love 早恋6. corporal punishment 体罚7. tuition fee 学费8. parents supervision 父母的监督9. individual tutorship 个人辅导10. turning point 转折点11. the pursuit of k

2、nowledge 对知识的追求12. maintain / disrupt classroom order 维护、扰乱课堂秩序13. coeducational /single sex establishment 男女共校、单一性别学校14. generation gap 代沟15. indulge in 沉迷 (表示“ 溺爱” 后面直接加宾语)16. play truant 逃学17. school shootings 校园枪击18. broaden ones horizons 开阔视野19. the hardship and bitterness of life 生活的艰辛和苦难20. a

3、ppropriate advice and guidance 恰当的建议和指导21. cultivate independence 培养独立性22. a good habit of frugality 节约的好习惯23. distinguish right from wrong 明辨是非24. shoulder the responsibility of 肩负 的责任25. be prone to do 容易做某事26. go astray 误入歧途27. violate social conventions and laws 违反社会习俗和法律28. cast a shadow on one

4、s heart 在心中留下阴影29. resist the temptation of 抵制 的诱惑30. interpersonal skills 人际交往的技巧31. peer pressure 同辈的压力32. formative years 性格形成期33. physically and emotionally immature 身心不成熟34. a sense of superiority 优越感35.socially adaptable 能适应社会的36. adjust teaching methods 调整教学方法37. exert a negative impact on 产生

5、消极影响38. juvenile crime=juvenile delinquency 青少年犯罪 juvenile delinquent 青少年犯罪者39. a sense of belonging 归属感 40. qualified and experienced teachers 称职、有经验的老师41. first class teaching facilities 一流的教学设施42. education reform 教育改革科技类(science and technology)1. artificial intelligence 人工智能 (artificial 人工的、人造的、

6、非天然的 )2. side effects 副作用3. technological revolution 科技革命Nancy14. nuclear weapons 核武器5. soil degradation 土壤退化6. industrial mass-production 工业化大生产7. enhance working efficiency and productivity 增强工作效率和生产力8. substitute for humans 替代人类 9. intelligent machines 智能机器10. humanization 人性化11. unnerving proble

7、ms 令人不安的问题 12. eye-friendly 对眼睛无害的13. electronic innovation 电子革新14. global village 地球村15. industrial revolution 工业革命16. mechanization 机械化17. automation 自动化18. scientific discovery 科学发现19. cloning technology 克隆技术20. replica of an individual organ 人体器官的复制品21. organ transplant 移植器官22. genetic defect 基因

8、缺陷 engineering 基因工程 code 基因密码 variability 基因变异23. ethically and morally wrong 有悖伦理道德24. space exploration 太空探索25. Global Positioning Systems 全球定位系统26. nanotechnology 纳米技术27. impersonal device 非人性化的设备环境资源类 (environment and resources)1. environmental protection (conservation)环境保护 environmental conserv

9、ationist 环保主义者2. human activities 人类活动3. city dwellers 城市居民4. traffic congestion /traffic jam 交通堵塞 heavy traffic 形容交通拥挤5. disposable products 一次性用品6. landfill 垃圾填埋场7. litter collection and disposal 垃圾收集和处理8. deforestation 砍伐森林9. greenhouse effect 温室效应10. acid rain 酸雨11. sand storm 沙尘暴12. solar energ

10、y 太阳能13. ban on plastic bags 禁塑令14. maintain the ecological balance 维持生态平衡15. eco-friendly/environmental friendly 环保的16. natural disaster 自然灾害17. a natural evolutionary process 自然进化的过程18. short-term profit 短期利益19. sustainable development 可持续发展20. food chain 食物链21. diversity of life 生物多样性22. endanger

11、ed species 濒危灭绝Nancy223. ozone layer 臭氧层24. forceful law and regulations 有力的法律法规25. raise peoples environmental awareness 增强人们的环境意识26. non-profit advertisement 公益广告27. dispose of the rubbish 处理垃圾 28. the deterioration of the environment 环境恶化29. animal right activists 动物权益保护者30. wildlife preservation

12、 野生动物保护31. survival of the fittest 适者生存32. turn a blind eye to 视而不见 turn a deaf ear to 充耳不闻政府类 (government )1. government administration 政府管理2. national defense 国防3. high levels of secrecy 高度机密4. financial strength 财力national revenue 国家财政收入 national purse support 国家财政支持5. expand domestic demand/ nee

13、d 扩大内需6. social undertaking 社会事业7. national public health system 全国公共卫生体系8. infrastructure 基础设施9. pilot project 试点项目10. feasible plan 可行的计划11. institutional innovation 体制创新12. economic return 经济效益13. financial crisis 金融危机 (economic downturn / slowdown/ slump/ depression/)14. foreign direct investmen

14、t 外商直接投资15. supporting measures 配套措施16. income gap 收入差距17. promote all-round, balanced and sustainable development of the economy and society 推动经济社会全面、协调、可持续发展18. government mechanism 政府机制19. reduce expenditure 减少开支 curtail (vt) 削减20. a beneficial economic cycle 良性经济循环21. expand intra-county economi

15、cs 壮大县域经济22. carry out the process of urbanization 推动城镇化23. public fitness program 公共健身运动24. combat the threat of violence to the general public 与对公众产生暴力的威胁斗争25. the true portrayal of what is happening around 是发生在周围事件的真实描绘26. strict regulation 严格控制27. non-government sources 非政府渠道28. unshakeable duty

16、 (工作上)无法逃避的责任29. both financially and spiritually 经济上和精神上的30. put forward a number of possible solutions 提出一些可行的解决方法31. satellite towns 卫星城镇32. preferential policies to promote the construction of high-rise apartment buildings 优惠政策推动高层公寓住房的修建33. rapid depletion of social security fund and strained f

17、inancial resources 社会保障资金的快速消耗和紧张的财政资源34. be overly financially dependent 过度的经济依赖35. physical inferiority 体力不支Nancy336. pension fund 养老金pension scheme 养老计划37. to downsize government budget 缩减政府预算38. shoulder the share of responsibility 承担共同的责任39. be better off 情况更好40. medical and educational service

18、 医疗和教育服务41. to give top priority 列为重点42. a fair shake 一视同仁43. low-hanging fruit 容易实现的目标44. authorities 当局45. regulate/ administer/ oversee (vt.) 规范,管理46. implement 实施 vt.47. legislate(vi )/ make laws 立法48. a democratic and progressive government 民主与开放的政府49. strictly prohibit/ ban v 严禁50. Stringent l

19、aws/ legislation 严格的法律51. rules and regulations 规章制度52. allocate money to sth/ subsidize (vt.)/ be a patron of / invest in/ finance(vt)/ fund(vt.)/ dedicate money to sth 为。 。 。 拨款53. tax revenue(n.) 税收媒体类 (media )1. couch potato 电视迷2. screen time 荧屏时间3. severe addiction 严重的迷恋 be addicted to / be obs

20、essed with / have obsession with4. misbehavior 不正当举止、粗鲁的行为5. long-lasting isolation 长时间的隔离6. provide laughter and joy 提供欢笑7. blur distinction between fantasy and reality 模糊幻想和现实8. turn away from the real life 对现实生活不闻不问9. be unwilling to engage in social activities 不愿参加社交活动10. media violence 媒体暴力(如 s

21、erial killers, gun battles, brutal fighting)11. show vivid depiction of cheat and hatred 展示对欺骗和憎恨形象的描述12. adolescent 青少年 teenager /juvenile13. sedentary lifestyle reduces healthy outdoor activities 久坐不起的生活方式减少了健康有益的户外活动14. suffer from obesity and vertebral disease 患上肥胖和脊椎疾病15. to lead a more informe

22、d and entertaining life 过上更丰富、更有乐趣的生活16. deviant behaviors 不正当的行为17. be fueled by the widespread advertising 受大量广告的推动18. cater to every particular taste 迎合每一种独特的口味(to 后加名词)19. shopping spree 疯狂购物,购物狂潮go out on a spree 外出狂欢一番20. a channel to relieve the stresses and strains of modern life 释放现代生活压力和劳累

23、的渠道21. resist the allure of possessing the advertised products 抵抗购买广告产品的诱惑22. stimulate purchasing impulses 刺激购买欲望23. shapely models 形状、样式很好的产品24. gain the attention of the public 获得大众的注意力25. expose ones privacy 曝光某人的隐私26. become the laughingstock shared by all 成为所有人的笑柄27. an immoral conduct of nosi

24、ng into others privacy 查探他人隐私的不道德行为Nancy4工作生活类(work and life)1. career plan 职业归化2. career ladder 职业发展道路3. compensation 薪酬待遇4. job satisfaction 工作满意度5. promotion and raise 晋升与加薪6. job hopping/ jumping ship 跳槽7. branch into other areas 扩展到其他领域8. interview technique 求职技巧9. internal restructure 内部改组10.

25、hapless job-seeker 运气不好的求职者11. the sprouting advertising billboards for recruitment agencies 出现了求职中介的广告牌12. the exploding number of books and websites on work and work-related issues 大量关于工作和相关问题的书籍和网站13. financial independence 经济独立14. balance work and life 平衡工作与生活15. an important personal identity t

26、ag 一个重要的个人身份标识16. bring personal fulfillment 带来个人成功17. labour market 劳务市场18. graduate job fair 应届升招聘会19. being the vanguard of the DIY career-makers 自制职业规划的先锋20. be highly stressed at work 工作压力非常大21. a US-style workaholic culture 美式工作狂文化22. a spell of unemployment 失业期23. to freeze recruitment 停止招聘24

27、. advance the career with an advanced degree 靠更高的学历来提升工作25. income/ pay gap 收入、薪水差距全球化类(globalization)1. globally 全球地 world widely2. international tourism 国际旅游3. cultural exchange 文化交流4. national identity 民族特色5. multicultural 多文化的6. diversity and inclusivity 多样性和包容性7. a blend of 混合 8. cooperation an

28、d trade 合作和贸易9. undermine 破坏、损害10. cultural preservation 文化保护quintessence 精粹11. linguistically diverse 语言的多样化12. distinct culture 独特的文化13. misunderstanding and conflict 误解和冲突14. taboo 社会禁忌15. annoying and unpleasant 令人反感的与令人不愉快的16. cultural gap 文化冲突17. the vehicles to bridge the gap 缩小差距的渠道18. build

29、 up an extensive resource 建立一个广泛的资源渠道global issue 全球化的问题Nancy519. cultural landscape 文化景观20. the advocates of globalization 全球化的提倡者21. the reawakening of the local culture 本土文化的再度觉醒22. free and open trade 自由、开放的贸易23. an expansion of commercial relationship 开拓商业往来24. behavior norms 行为规范25. promote co

30、mmunication 促进交流26. maintain the distinctiveness 保持独特性犯罪类(crime and punishment)1. law-abiding 守法的2. defendant 被告3. jury 陪审团4. offender 违法者5. victim, casualty 受害者6. barrister 律师7. judge 法官witness 证人mit a crime 犯罪 break the law, law breaking, violate the law, against the law,9. prosecute 起诉 sb is pros

31、ecuted for sth charge sb with 指控某人犯有10. appear in court 出庭11. plead innocence 做无罪辩护12. acquit 宣告 无罪13. apply for parole 申请保释14. be sentenced to 10 years in prison 被判十年监禁15. a guilty verdict 有罪宣判16. retribution 无期徒刑17. capital punishment 死刑18. burglary 入室行窃19. robbery 抢劫20. shoplifting 商店行窃21. vandal

32、ism 故意破坏公物22. murder 谋杀23. hijack 劫持=highjack24. terrorism 恐怖主义25. pick-pocketing 扒窃26. smuggling 走私27. serious crime 严重犯罪28. petty crime 轻微犯罪29. embezzle 盗用,挪用(公款公物)30. rehabilitation (罪犯的)改过自新 rehabilitate 改造31.罪犯: criminal, law offender, law breaker,law violator, villain, vermin, convict32.守法:abi

33、de by the law, comply, compliance with the law, conform to the law, abidance by law, keep the law33.滥用法律: abuse of law, stretch the law34.监狱/ 关押:jail, prison, imprisonment, imprison, incarcerate, lock up35.死刑: capital punishment, death penalty, death sentence36.无期徒刑: life sentence, life prisonment,

34、lifelong punishment37.无辜的: innocent, harmless38.威慑力: deterrentNancy639.逮捕: arrest, apprehend40.武装抢劫: armed robbery ; .敲诈勒索: blackmail; .非法闯入: break-in;窃听: bug; .伪造 : counterfeit; 赌博: gamble; 纵火: arson .贩卖违禁品: bootlegging;行贿受贿:bribery; 劫持: hijack; 虐待儿童: child abuse; 入室盗窃: burglary; .逃税: tax evasion41

35、.集团犯罪:organized crime;42. 强奸犯:rapist;43. 扒手: pickpocket;44开明的: enlightened, 文明的: civilized, 仁慈的:humane lenient, merciful;和谐的: harmonious 同情的的: sympathetic 残忍的: cruel,brutal, merciless, inhumane, dispiteous其他社会类1. decline in fertility 生育能力的下降2. interracial marriages 跨国婚姻3. population ageing 人口老龄化4. l

36、ife expectancy 寿命5. domestic conflict 家庭纷争6. domestic violence 家庭暴力7. domestic chores 家务8. material comforts 物质享受9. strengthen the family ties 强化家庭关系10. money-oriented 拜金的11. commit suicide 自杀的12. stumbling block 绊脚石13. rapid pace of life 生活的快节奏14. stereotypical attitude 迂腐的态度15. chronic and complex

37、 social problem 长期复杂的社会问题16. root cause 根源17. tightened job markets 紧张的就业市场18. latch-key kids 被锁在家里的孩子19. balance work and family 平衡工作和家庭20. effective time management 有效的时间管理21. in-between generation 上有老,下有小的一代人(sandwich generation)22. job security 工作稳定性23. job hopper 跳槽的人24. curriculum vitae 简历25. gun control 枪支管理26. law-abiding citizens 守法的公民27. legal ownership of guns 合法拥有枪支28. self-defense 自卫29. filial piety 孝心30. sexual harassment 性骚扰31. sexual discrimination 性别歧视32. feminism 女权主义33. social status 社会地位34. mutual benefits 共同的利益35. unemployment rate 失业率