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'Mィ゙ゃゾ┛ IyazoMissingno RB.pngRBGlitchName00.png's spriteTypesCategory Bird  Normal ゥ R p ゥ R h PokémonHexadecimal identifierExp. at Lv. 10000UnknownPokédexNational#000Johto#—Hoenn#—Sinnoh#—Unova (BW)#—Unova (B2W2)#—Games found inPokémon Red and BlueSpecial stat for Mew glitchTime Capsule exploit PokémonN/A?????Equivalent in Yellow3TrainerPoké $HeightWeight23'0"880.6 lbs.Hybrid ofCatch rateN/A3Gender ratioUnknownEgg GroupsEgg cyclesUnknownUnknownEV yieldHP?Atk?Def?Sp.Atk?Sp.Def?Speed?Exp.?

RBGlitchName00.png is a dual-type Bird/Normal glitch Pokémon.

RBGlitchName00.png is often called the "sister" glitch counterpart to MissingNo., due to sharing a sprite and Pokédex number, and is found exclusively in Pokémon Red and Blue. If RBGlitchName00.png is traded to Pokémon Yellow, it will become a 3TrainerPoké $.

Although similar to MissingNo. at first glance, the two are separate glitch Pokémon with many differences. They have different index numbers, causing differences such as RBGlitchName00.png having the ability to evolve into Kangaskhan while MissingNo. cannot. The similarities that they have are a result of coincidentally sharing a Pokédex number.

RBGlitchName00.png cannot be obtained by the Mew glitch because when a Special of any multiple of 256 is used the game will only display a blank text box. RBGlitchName00.png can be encountered via the old man glitch with any name other than a default name. This is because it is encountered due to the wild encounter data being read from past the end-name marker. RBGlitchName00.png does not appear for a default name like 'RED' chosen directly from the new game interface because these are actually extended 7+ character names using multiple end name characters to hide additional data. The 'absolute name-space' is filled from one of these default names, so invalid symbol 0x00 is not withdrawn. RBGlitchName00.png can always appear at level 0 as long as the player's name is not a default name, but can also appear at level 80 if the player's name is a non-default name with an odd number of characters. This is because the game reads the end-name marker (which has an index number of 80) as the level.

RBGlitchName00.png's cry while in battle appears to be a slightly different version of Zapdos's cry, having a higher pitch, while its cry when viewing its stats is Rhydon's cry.

Contents1 Name2 Glitches caused3 Game data3.1 Pokédex entry3.2 Game locations3.3 Base stats3.4 Type effectiveness3.5 Learnset3.5.1 By leveling up3.5.2 By TM/HM4 Evolution5 Sprites6 In Pokémon Stadium7 In Generation II8 Trivia9 References10 External linksName

It is most commonly known as 'M, since these are the only typographical characters in its name—its real name is impossible to produce with text, and some tiles in its name are not constant. It is also called 'M Block due to either the glitchy blocks next to its name or the Pokémon's boxy shape.

The first two tiles in RBGlitchName00.png's name depend on which sprite is occupying the spot where the player's Pokémon appears. In battle, the tiles on the left of its name will copy part of the sprite in the bottom-left corner of the screen (the player's Pokémon), while the block on the right will copy part of the sprite in the upper-right corner of the screen (the opponent's Pokémon). Out of battle, the blocks in its name will change depending on the player's location.

Glitches caused

The encounter flag for MissingNo. and RBGlitchName00.png is the highest bit of the 6th item quantity; therefore, encountering MissingNo. or RBGlitchName00.png causes the player to get 128 of the 6th item of their Bag if they have less than 128 of that item (this is known as the item duplication glitch). Also, if the player has Hall of Fame data, encountering RBGlitchName00.png corrupts it.

Game dataPokédex entry RBGlitchName00.png's Pokédex entryGame locationsGeneration IRedBlueOld man glitch (non-default name)Yellow Trade from Red/Blue (becomes 3TrainerPoké $)

Base statsStatRangeAt Lv. 50At Lv. 100HP:3393 - 139176 - 269Attack:137142 - 188279 - 372Defense:05 - 515 - 98Special:2934 - 8063 - 156Speed:611 - 5717 - 110Total:205(234 on other generations' scale)Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs and IVs of 0.Maximum stats are calculated with 63504 EVs and IVs of 15.Total on other generations' scale counts this Pokémon's Special stat as both Special Attack and Special Defense.

Type effectivenessUnder normal battle conditions in Generation I, this Pokémon is:Damagednormally by:NormalFightingFlyingPoisonGroundRockBugGhostFireWaterGrassElectricPsychicIceDragon1×NoneWeak to:NormalFightingFlyingPoisonGroundRockBugGhostFireWaterGrassElectricPsychicIceDragon1×NoneImmune to:NormalFightingFlyingPoisonGroundRockBugGhostFireWaterGrassElectricPsychicIceDragon1×NoneResistant to:NormalFightingFlyingPoisonGroundRockBugGhostFireWaterGrassElectricPsychicIceDragon1×NoneNotes:As its primary type is one of the glitch types, which do not have any weaknesses or resistances, this glitch Pokémon has the same weaknesses and resistances as a pure  Normal-type  Pokémon.LearnsetBy leveling upGeneration IOther generations:None Level  Move  Type  Power  Accuracy  PP 00StartWater GunWater04040100}}100%2500StartWater GunWater04040100}}100%2500StartSky AttackFlying140140090}}90%5136136PoundNormal04040100}}100%35Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by RBGlitchName00.pngItalic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of RBGlitchName00.pngClick on the generation numbers at the top to see level-up moves from other generationsBy TM/HMGeneration IOther generations:None TM  Move  Type  Power  Accuracy  PP Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM01Mega PunchNormal8085%20Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM02Razor WindNormal8075%10Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM03Swords DanceNormal——%30Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM05Mega KickNormal12075%5Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM06ToxicPoison—85%10Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM09Take DownNormal9085%20Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM10Double-EdgeNormal100100%15Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM11BubbleBeamWater65100%20Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM13Ice BeamIce95100%10Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM14BlizzardIce12090%5Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM17SubmissionFighting8080%25Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM19Seismic TossFighting—100%20Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM20RageNormal20100%20Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM25ThunderElectric12070%10Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM26EarthquakeGround100100%10Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM27FissureGround—30%5Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM29PsychicPsychic90100%10Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM30TeleportPsychic——%20Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM43Sky AttackFlying14090%5Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM44RestPsychic——%10Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM45Thunder WaveElectric—100%20Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM49Tri AttackNormal80100%10Bag HM Normal Sprite.pngHM01CutNormal5095%30Bag HM Flying Sprite.pngHM02FlyFlying7095%15Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by RBGlitchName00.pngItalic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of RBGlitchName00.pngEvolutionMissingno RB.pngUnevolved'M Bird  Normal Rare CandyLevel 0→Spr 1b 115.pngFirst evolutionKangaskhan Normal Rare CandyLevel 128→Spr 1b 035.pngFirst evolutionClefairy Normal Moon StoneMoon Stone→Spr 1b 036.pngSecond evolutionClefable Normal 

SpritesFront spriteFront sprite 2Front sprite 3Back spriteMenu spriteMissingno RB.png000.png000.pngRBGlitchMissingno. b.pngAniMS Missingno I.pngIn Pokémon Stadium

RBGlitchName00.png and MissingNo. can be uploaded to Pokémon Stadium, and (if the game doesn't freeze) will look like Substitute dolls (small Rhydon-like figures that appear when a Pokémon uses Substitute). RBGlitchName00.png's graphic is blue and MissingNo.'s is purple. When viewed in the Pokémon Center, all of RBGlitchName00.png's stats will be question marks (including the Pokédex species ID number, even though the Game Boy versions identify RBGlitchName00.png and MissingNo. as #000). However, RBGlitchName00.png will not be allowed to battle, nor will it function correctly in the Gallery (in which players can take pictures of Pokémon). Photos of it will not develop if taken.

If RBGlitchName00.png or any other glitch Pokémon is selected in the "see list", the game will freeze, playing the music without the bass track in the background. If a player tries to view RBGlitchName00.png's stats, the game will also freeze on occasion.[1]

RBGlitchName00.png can only be used in battle if it is given a nickname. Pokémon Stadium can also allow the player to transfer RBGlitchName00.png to Pokémon Yellow, where it will become a 3TrainerPoké $.

In Generation II

RBGlitchName00.png cannot be traded to Generation II games because it does not exist in the second generation. In the trade center, RBGlitchName00.png appears as a Slowpoke or Tyrogue. When the players try to trade RBGlitchName00.png, a message appears stating "Your friend's (RBGlitchName00.png's name) appears to be abnormal." and the trade is canceled automatically. Less often, RBGlitchName00.png can be traded, in which case it turns into the Pokémon it was displayed as.[2] RBGlitchName00.png can, however be traded to Gold and Silver after it is evolved into a Kangaskhan, Clefairy, or Clefable, even if it has moves that these Pokémon would not normally have (such as Water Gun that RBGlitchName00.png originally has, or Fly that can be taught). For example, RBGlitchName00.png could be taught Fly then evolved into a Kangaskhan, which could then be transferred to Gold and Silver. However, the Kangaskhan will hold a Carbos instead of a Bitter Berry.

Similar problems present themselves when attempting to transfer RBGlitchName00.png or MissingNo. to Pokémon Stadium 2. If successfully transferred, RBGlitchName00.png and MissingNo. will become a Ditto.[3]

TriviaRBGlitchName00.png's height is 23'0''. If it were compared to all other regular Pokémon in terms of height, it would be the 11th tallest Pokémon, tied with Rayquaza. RBGlitchName00.png is more than twice MissingNo.'s height.RBGlitchName00.png's weight is 880.6 lbs. If it were compared to all other regular Pokémon in terms of weight, it would be the 24th heaviest Pokémon. RBGlitchName00.png's weight is only about 25% of MissingNo.'s.RBGlitchName00.png's sprite, movepool, and stats are identical to MissingNo.'s, but with two move differences: MissingNo. cannot learn Pound, and RBGlitchName00.png is incompatible with TM50 (Substitute).When the player captures an RBGlitchName00.png, the battle will continue with no enemy sprite visible. Capturing "RBGlitchName00.png" again will result in capturing a level 0 or 80 Ditto. This happens because the game checks a memory address to determine whether a Pokémon is transformed upon capture. As RBGlitchName00.png's number is outside the usual range, it sets the "transformed" memory address to the incorrect value.If a level 0 RBGlitchName00.png is captured and sent to the PC, the game will freeze if the player tries to withdraw it due to having an invalid growth algorithm. This is probably the cause of the inaccurate rumors of RBGlitchName00.png and other glitch Pokémon being horribly dangerous to the saved game file if captured.Once RBGlitchName00.png gains a level, it will be able to be stored and withdrawn from the PC with freezing.Additionally, if the invisible Ditto was caught and sent to the PC, it will be able to be withdrawn. Once the Ditto is in the party, it will automatically become level 1. This is due to Ditto being in the "Medium Fast" growth algorithm group.In the party, RBGlitchName00.png will appear as the glitched sprite of a person in the area where the player currently is.Before RBGlitchName00.png is encountered, the black screen before the battle initiates is noticeably longer. This also happens with MissingNo. because invalid Hall of Fame data is saved in the background, though notably not with other glitch Pokémon because they don't actually save this data. The overwritten save data is separate from where main game map/event data is saved, so a 'saved' message is only visible in Pokémon Stadium's GB Tower.RBGlitchName00.png's cry is the cry of Zapdos, but it is slightly higher in pitch.RBGlitchName00.png's Japanese name is "ィ゙ゃゾ┛" in the battle screen, "ィ゙ゃゾ┛A" in the player's party, and "ィ゙ゃゾ▔m" in the Pokédex entry.References↑ Pokémon Stadium Cheats Console Cheats URL Accessed July 23, 2006↑ Code Pok Prodigy.net URL Accessed July 23, 2006↑ Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow Fun Trivia URL Accessed July 23, 2006External linksOn Glitch City LaboratoriesGlitch PokémonRed/Blue:'M (00) • MissingNo. • ▶ A • a • ゥ (C1) • ゥ .4 • h POKéPokéWTrainer • PkMn (C5) • ゥL ゥM 4 • ♀Pゥ ゥゥT • ゥU? • ◣ゥ 8 • PC4SHP • PkMn ◣ n • Trainer • ▼ W G d • OPkMn4X • PkMn PkMn T • 4B 8 4 8ゥ ' • M p'u ゥ • Aゥ G • Pゥ ゥ ゥ • 4 h • Glitch (D7) • PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnkPkMnRPkMn " • B (DA) • Glitch (DB) • Glitch (DC) • 7PkMn 'v • -PkMn • .PkMn/PkMn ▼PkMn • 'v • …… • ゥ (E3) • Glitch (E4) • C • - -Pゥ 4$ • X C • c • A (EA) • Glitch (EB) • Glitch (EC) • hゥ.g • ゥ$'M • ゥ$ (F0) • 94 • ゥ l (F2) • ゥ l (F3) • ゥ$ (F4)ゥ (F5) • G'Mp • 'Ng'Mp • 'Ng ゥ$ • 94 h • Glitch (FA) • 'M 'N g • Oゥ$ 6ゥ • 'M (FE) • 'M (FF)Yellow:3TrainerPoké $ • MissingNo. • 4 4 • 4 4 Hy • ♀ . • pPkMnp' ' • ゥ ( Z4X ゥ- xゥ, • 4. . • ァ7g • u • g g • ァ / g J 1 • Glitch (CA). pゥ • .8 • ゥ. B • PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE) • 4, ゥァ (CF) • ゥ' • B ァ hPkMn ? A • ゥゥ) • ゥ (D4) • 'ゥ. • PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (D6) • B (D7) • PkMn (D8)ゥ (D9) • ] • ゥ' B • PkMn (DC) • 4, ゥァ (DD) • 8 (DE) • p ID8 P ァ • 'r 'r 4 • (h4to89 • 4 89 4 • 8B 4 8 • Z ゥ • 9ゥHIゥ. • 4(h4hi?$ • 4HI? • 'r ゥ • $ Pゥ. 4( • ?/ • 4(h4?ゥ► ゥ▼ ゥ • h 4Pゥ ゥ... • . ゥ ( .I' . • ' B' ゥ • ゥ ゥェ ゥ ▷ • ゥ $ A (F3) • ♂ p ゥ▼ pゥ • ゥ $ A (F6) • PkMn (F7) • ゥ 4- 4 • $ • ゥ▾ ゥ♂ • F q ,ゥ$ 4MN ゥ • × 'rゥ. 4- • ゥ/ 4ァ 4, • Q ◣Generation II:????? (00GS • FCGS • FEGS • FFGS • 00C • FCC • FEC • FFC)Glitch Egg • Glitch UnownGeneration III:- • ?????????? • ? • Bad Egg • ÓË {e AiGeneration IV:----- • Bad Egg • Generation IV hybridGeneration V:----- • Bad Egg • Glitch UnownGeneration VI:Bad Egg • Generation VI 724+ glitch Pokémon

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