After the brutal killing of Theo van Gogh yesterday 2-11-2004 numerous dutch TV stations showed interviews and documentaries of the late director and two even showed one of his films each. Not having yet seen a movie by the controversial dutch filmmaker and somewhat shocked by his brutal death I decided to watch both films, one late in the evening and one at night. The first film to be shown was "Vals Licht", but due to altered programming of the TV station that showed it (RTL 5) the film ran late (there were numerous interviews and documentaries on van Gogh before the film) and it would have been impossible for me to watch both films. Having seen the fist 20 minutes of Vals Licht and concluding that the lead actress () would not be too convincing, I decided to watch "06" on Nederland 3 instead.

The film is about two 30-somethings that engage in a telephone relationship after 'meeting' on a telephone sex line. The first part of the film, involving the first conversation is actually quite exciting and arousing, but soon, I found myself wondering about the motives of the main actors and I must say that this is where van Gogh went wrong with the film. I mean there just is not enough to cover 90 minutes of film with and keep the audience interested. There isn't really any hint to why the characters do certain things and as surprising as the twist at the end may have been for some, it took me just 30 seconds to figure it out. Not a bad effort, but not a good one either. You need not have seen this, but I guess it is somewhat passable.

06 out of 010

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