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News and Updates2020-10-11

The Whova App Guide is now released.If you aren’t directly added to the event, please contact the local/online chairs.The Brief Conference Program for different time-zones is now released and available for download here


The Attendee Guide is now released and available for download: Attendee_Guide.pdf

The Live QA Session Presenter Guide is now released and available for download: Presenter_Guide.pdf

The Industry Roundtable Schedule is now released.


The Draft-Full-Program is now released and available for download: Draft-Full-Program.pdf


The Program-at-a-Glance is now released and available for download: Program-at-a-Glance.pdf


The registration website has been released: https://www.cvent.com/d/x7qp9tFor student registration to cover 1 short paper, please use this link to register as a Non-ACM/SIGMM member and select “Non-Member Author (Student)”.


We are setting up the registration website with our vendor and please come back later to check if it is ready.


The Registration Policy has been updated.


The List of Accepted Paper IDs (main track) has been released in http://2020.acmmm.org/accepted-paper-id-list.txt


The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented changes in our personal and professional lives. After much consideration, SIGMM and the General Chairs and Organizing Committee for ACM Multimedia 2020 have decided to take the conference fully virtual.

The events of the past few months and the continued safety concerns have led us to make this difficult decision. Our focus now is on creating a virtual conference with the vibrancy, excellence and sense of community.

The virtual conference will be available on the ACM Multimedia 2020 online platform starting from the regular conference dates, 12-16 October 2020.

We will be updating you as we get closer to the conference and ensuring that you are briefed on the program and how it will work in the online environment to ensure you get the best experience.

We look forward to meeting you at ACM Multimedia 2020 Online!


Due to the COVID-19 impact, the deadline of several tracks are extended as follows:

Brave New Ideas Submission: 7 JuneOpen Source Competition Submission: 8 JuneDoctorial Symposium Submission: 22 JuneTutorial Proposals Submission Submission: 19 JuneTechnical Demo and Video Program Submission: 22 JuneInteractive Arts Submission: 22 JuneGrand Challenge Solutions Submission: 13 July2020-4-21

With numerous requests from the multimedia community, we decide to further extend the deadline for regular papers to 5/24 with the following timeline thereafter.We hope this will give those authors from the areas heavily impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak more time to prepare for their submissions.

5/17 submission deadline for abstracts5/24 submission deadline for regular papers7/1-7/5 rebuttal period7/25 notification8/10 camera-ready for regular papers

All other tracks (workshops, challenges, tutorials, demo & video, brave new topics, etc. ) may adjust the timeline accodingly based on the preparation schedule by ACM publisher at http://www.scomminc.com/pp/schedules/MM20-ACM-DL-only-schedule.htm.


Due to travel restrictions not having ended or and/or possible reoccurrence of the pandemic and new safety measures in the fall, ACM Multimedia 2020 may happen as a virtual conference or as a partially virtual conference (https://www.acm.org/virtual-conferences).

The proceedings will be published in the ACM DL on schedule. It means that the MM conference in 2020 will maintain the same high standards and quality of published proceedings as all MM conferences in this series.


Due to the global emergency of Coronavirus pandemic, we decide to postpone the regular paper submission deadline to 25 April 2020.


Welcome to the 28th ACM International Conference onMultimedia.

ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in multimedia. It covers multipleemerging fields focusing on advancing the research and applications of many media,including but not limited to images, text, audio, speech, music, sensor and social data.It strongly encourages a complete and integrated approach to exchange, process andutilize information across modalities, as well as all cutting-edge research on eachmedium with potential of great positive impacts on everyday lives and technologicalbreakthroughs. While the community has a tradition of developing and innovating AI andsystem approaches to handle big data and improve users’ experiences on engaging andinteracting with multimedia, it is also uniquely angled towards novel applications andurgent industrial challenges. As such the conference openly embraces new intellectualperspectives from both industry and academia, and welcomes submissions from relatedfields, such as artificial intelligence, vision and languages, data sciences, HCI andmultimedia signal processing, as well as healthcare, education and beyond. We invite thesubmissions in four major themes of multimedia.

Theme: Engaging Users with Multimedia

Emotional and social signalsMultimedia search and recommendationsSummarization, analysis and storytelling

Theme: Experience

Interactions and quality of experiencesArt and cultureMultimedia applications

Theme: Multimedia Content Understanding

Multimodal integration and alignmentVision and language Resource-efficient multimedia computing on edges

Theme: Multimedia Systems

Systems and middlewareTransport and deliveryData systems management and indexing

Highlights of ACM Multimedia 2020

Scientific Diversity: It is among our top priorities to ensure a top-quality conference that covers a full diversity of all fields of multimedia research including a variety of media modalities by addressing both technological and practical challenges.Value: We strive to select the most innovative and the highest-quality research aiming at the most impactful novelty on individual media and/or from a systematic perspective of innovating and integrating multiple components across modalities.Sharing: We value the sharing of not only knowledge (in the form of papers, presentations and demos) but also the code and open-source software. While we will continue the implementation of the ACM Artifact Review and Badging, best efforts will be made on sharing and preserving the open-source code and systems resulting from the published papers.
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