Myholiday英语作文,my last holiday


To Miss Fang: 

My last holiday was very happy, because I went to Xiameng. 1st day, I went to Gulangyu. It’s very big. It’s has big sea. It’s very beautiful. Gulangyu has many shops, and the shops have a lot of gifts. I by speedboat went to Gulangyu. The speedboat is fast and stimulate. I was very happy. I ate good food near the sea. 2nd I went shopping with my sister. This holiday I was happy, and you? 

Your student, 



Last holiday,I was happy,but tired.

On Friday , I did my homework in the morninig. Then I played football with my friends. In the evening. I played computer games. I watched TV. Then, Iwent to bed.Friday I was tired. But I was happy.

On Saturday.I did housework with my mother.Icleaned the room. She sweeped the kitchen.I washed the clothes.She did the dishes.I was very tried.

On Sunday. I visited my grandparents with my parents.My grandparedts was so happy.Iwent home in the afternoon.

My last holiday was so tired .Now I need another holiday.

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