a letter of apology,IELTS GT Writing: How to write a letter of apology

Hi Nina

I鈥檓 so sorry I couldn鈥檛 make it to the restaurant last weekend. I hope you had a really great time.

I was all set to drive up to London on Sunday morning, but as I was on my way back from a late shift at the hospital, my car packed up! I had to abandon it at the side of the road and get a taxi home at huge expense!

So I went online to get train tickets but as soon as I got to the station – what a surprise –聽 all trains were cancelled from Colchester to Liverpool street. This has been going on for years now – they鈥檙e always fixing the lines on Sunday. Will they ever be fixed, I ask myself? I thought there would be a replacement bus service but after hanging around for ages with no-one telling me what was going on, I realised that by the time I got to the party, you would already have sat down to eat.

I鈥檓 really sorry about that. Maybe I could take you out to lunch this weekend if you鈥檙e around? I鈥檒l come and pick you up if my car鈥檚 been fixed, so you can have a drink and I鈥檒l drive. How does that sound?

Let me know if you鈥檙e free,

Lots of love


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