1. Create an account

Creating an account is free with Mendeley. You may want to use a non-institutional email in order to ensure that you can access your account when you are no longer affiliated with the University of Illinois.

Your free account gives you 2GB of space and 100MB of private group storage. You can create 1 private group with a maximum of 3 users per group. Mendeley also has a paid Premium account option which allows you to increase your storage.

Once you set up your account you can add details about yourself to your profile and link your Scopus profile.

2. Download and install Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley has both a web (browser-based) version and a desktop application. To get the most out of Mendeley, it’s best to use both of these.

Mendeley Reference Manager is the desktop application for Mendeley. It is best for storing, editing, and viewing PDFs on your computer and automatically creating citation data from the PDFs.

The first time you use Mendeley Reference Manager, you will be prompted to sign in. Use the account you previously created to do so.

3. Install the Mendeley browser plugin, Mendeley Web Importer

The Web Importer will allow us to import citations directly from databases, search engines, and other websites. It is available for Chrome and Firefox.

You may be prompted to sign in the first time you use the Web Importer; do so using your Mendeley account information.

If you run into issues, Mendeley has a Help Guide on the Mendeley Web Importer.

4. Install the Mendeley Word plugin, Mendeley Cite

This Word plugin will allow you to create in-text citations as you write, as well as generate bibliographies. 

The download process for Mendeley Cite is a bit longer:

Go to Mendeley's page for Mendeley CiteClick the red "Get Mendeley Cite" buttonYou will be taken to Microsoft's AppSource. Click the blue "Get it now" button. Sign in with your Microsoft account, and give permission to the app.You will be taken to a new page, which has a blue "Open in Word" button. Click on this, and if prompted, allow your browser to open Word.This should open a Word document which outlines the steps to find Mendeley Cite in Word.
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