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Economic evaluations of health interventions are comparative analyses of alternative courses of action in terms of their costs and consequences. They can provide valuable information to policy makers, payers, health professionals, patients,and the public about choices that affect health and the use of resources. 

Despite a growth in published economic evaluations and the availability of reporting guidance, there is a considerable lack of standardization and transparency in reporting economic evaluations. This presents a reporting challenge due to thesubstantial information that must be conveyed to allow scrutiny of study findings. 

The CHEERS 2022 Good Practices Report provides healthcare stakeholders with guidance and a checklist to improve reporting. This will help authors provide accurate information on which health interventions are being compared and in what context,how the evaluation was undertaken, what the findings are, and other details that may aid readers and reviewers in interpretation and use of the study. In doing so, it can also aid researchers in replicating research findings. Some checklistitems (eg, title, abstract) were also included to aid those researching economic evaluation literature.


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