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Are you going to organize a karaoke party and are you searching for a software to create Karaoke Video files with lyrics and customized images backgound? Or, are you trying to create video karaoke songs to upload and share on Youtube?

Kanto Syncro and Lyric Video Creator are the best solution for the questions above!

You can check the differences from Kanto Syncro and Lyric Video Creator in this page.

About Kanto Syncro, this app allows you to create professional karaoke songs in video (AVI or MP4) format, using any MP3 as audio track. The karaoke video created can be played on your PC using any video player, karaoke player, or played on your iPhone or iPod. With the help of options included, you can customize the karaoke clips using your own background images, choosing the best font and font colors, etc….

Kanto Syncro is one of the best Karaoke Video Creator and its strong point is its ease of use. Below is a guide on how to Create Karaoke Video from MP3

Step 1. Download and Install Kanto Syncro

Here is the download link (demo version):

Kanto Syncro for WindowsWindows VersionSync and create MP3 and Video KaraokeRead moreDownload Now Kanto Syncro for MacMAC VersionSync and create Video KaraokeRead moreDownload Now

Run Kanto Syncro after installin it and you’ll see this window:


ClickFREE TRIAL button to proceed using the trial version.

Step 2. Import MP3 and Lyrics File

This is the next windows will open:


Click on the folder icon to browse the mp3 files that will be synchronized with lyrics and converted to video format.


Now you can load the lyrics clicking the top right “Load from Text File” or making “Copy & Paste”

After loading the lyrics you’ll see the words in the central window.

Spet 3. Synchronize Lyrics with the Song

Start the synchronization clicking on START SYNCRO button on the left. The program will play the mp3 file and you will have to click on SET button to synchronize each words with the song.


Click UNDO button to cancel any mistakes and repeat. Click INSTRUMENTAL button to automatically add the “Instrumental” when there is some part not sung in the song At the end of the song click PREVIEW button to see the karaoke video before exporting it on your PC

Step 4. Export the karaoke video

After synchronization click on FINISH & SAVE button. You’ll see this window:


You will be able to choose from:

MP3 format (with synchronized lytics and playable with Kanto Karaoke Player software)MP4 Video formatAVI Video format (high video/audio quality but higher size)

Click on the desided format to export and save the karaoke song with lyrics.

NB: If you are using the “unregistered” version, the program will save only the first 60 seconds of the synchronized lyrics. To remove this limit you need to purchase the program. That’s all! As you can see you need just a few simple clicks to create your own custom VIDEO KARAOKE songs!

Another software that can help you in manage and customize your video karaoke songs is Video MIX. Try it!

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