download passport application form uk,First Adult Passport Application | Adult Passport | Post Office®

Have you changed your name by marriage or civil partnership?

Marriage certificate, orCivil partnership certificate


Are you are going back to your maiden or unmarried name? Or to a previous name once used?

one document from List A belowa signed statement saying that you now use your maiden name for all purposesyour birth certificateyour marriage certificate showing both namesyour decree absolute (if applicable)evidence of all previous names from List B below


Do you want to travel in your new name shortly after getting married or forming a civil partnership?

Completed PD2 form (post dated form)See for advice and to download the PD2 form.


Are you changing the name on a child passport?

a signed statement from everyone that has parental responsibility for the child saying they give permission to the name change, ora court order allowing the change of name and both of the following:one piece of evidence from List A belowat least one piece of evidence from List B below


Are you are changing the spelling of your name slightly? e.g. Bryan to Brian, changing the order your forenames appear in your passport or dropping a forename?

You must provide either:

one document from List A and one document from List B below, ortwo documents from List A below


Are you changing your name following gender re-assignment?

Gender recognition certificate or re-registered birth certificateOr alternatively a letter from your doctor or medical consultant together with:one document from List A below, andat least one document from List B below


Are you changing your name for any other reason?

one document from List A below, andat least one document from List B below


List A – please provide one document which confirms your name in current use

Tax record eg a letter from a tax authorityNational identity card or equivalentEmployment record eg an official letter from your employerVisa or residence permitEducational record eg a school reportLetter sent to you from a central, regional or local government departmentDriving LicenceMedical/health cardVoter’s cardBank statementBaptism/Confirmation certificate


List B – please provide one document that shows each name change that has taken place

Marriage certificateCivil partnership certificateGender recognition certificateEnrolled deed pollUn-enrolled deed poll (change of name deed) signed in both your old and new namesCertificate of naturalisation or registrationStatutory declaration or affidavit signed in your new nameBirth certificate (upon re-registration)Certificate from the Court of the Lord Lyon of ScotlandAdoption order/certificate
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