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I have one thing to say to you, please don't be angry with me before I say it. I think for a night, I think we still do not meet as well, because this is a very real problem. Chinese people are generally implicit! Instead of reality, everything will be different from the original! If you come to China, I would like to welcome you! I will tell you some places of interest, or delicious fun place, let you spend a happy trip to china! If you are to teach me English, just chatting on the Internet can also learn English well, as long as I want to learn is not possible right! There is, you come to China, I'm not said English you do not speak Chinese, we will be very difficult to communicate. This will pull away from our friends. If this is not as good as in the Internet, I use the translation software and chat with you! Empathy, if you were me, would you like me to do it?! I think you will, thank you for your warm China, there's an old saying: "a little place, missed the opposite is not met". If we had the chance to meet, it's just a matter of time!

是on weekends还是at weekendsat weekends 还是on weekendsonweekends是什么意思on weekends和on the weekend的区别weekend 中文埃及周末是星期几on the weekend和on weekends的区别weakened是什么意思a nice weekend什么意思nice weekendnice weekend怎么回答nice weekend翻译Have nice weekendnice weekend to youhave a nice weekend的中文意思happy nice weekendnice weekend中文意思nice to weekend什么意思真我q2吃鸡画质测试图片声音视频的文件格式雪中悍刀行电视剧图兰花有啥寓意没校园招聘的个人简历怎么写比较好陆游是哪个时期的小和尚问师傅人最怕的是什么风起云涌打一数字日照东港风向传播有限公司丽江到香格里拉高速什么时候开通有一个成语是说法多不管用的