nltk install,Canik mete sfx colors

Canik: Model: METE SFX: Caliber/Gauge: 9mm: Finish: Black and FDE: Action: Striker Fired: Barrel Length: 5.2" Capacity: 20+1 # of Magazines: 2: Safety: Stock: Sight: Fixed / 3-Dot White Sights: Grain: Number of Rounds: Case Material: Type of Rounds: Rail System: Grip: Color: Size: Magnification: Magnification Type: MOA Dot: MOA Circle: Illumination Type: Illumination Color.

Canik Mete/Rival backstrap - Aluminum - machined from 6061 aluminum- High-traction checkered surface (better control) - built-in mount for magwell (both the factory magwell, and TF version)- lowers the center of gravity (less top-heavy) Better traction, more weight, and two magwell mounting.

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